I have developed a lot of software, in the course of many years. These are the major public releases.


Translator icon Translator Powerful image viewing, processing and conversion RISC OS
Creator icon Creator Easy conversion between graphics file formats RISC OS


PackDir icon PackDir A high performance directory archiver RISC OS
GreyEdit icon GreyEdit An editor for greyscale images RISC OS
EarthMap icon EarthMap An electronic globe RISC OS
FileAct icon FileAct Easy multi-file operations RISC OS
DiscInfo icon DiscInfo Extensive information on discs RISC OS
ModeInfo icon ModeInfo Extensive information on screen modes RISC OS
65Link icon 65Link A file server for your Acorn BBC model B/B+/Master RISC OS, Windows, Linux
Labyrinth icon Labyrinth An emulator dedicated to the Acornsoft game Labyrinth RISC OS
ZIDEFS icon ZIDEFS Replacement filing system for the ICS IDE interface RISC OS
ZeriLink icon ZeriLink Fast file transfer via the parallel port RISC OS, Windows, Linux
ZeriBeep icon ZeriBeep An accurate SN76489 sound chip emulator RISC OS
Basic6502 icon Basic6502 Patches BASIC V to understand 6502 assembly code RISC OS
Basic6809 icon Basic6809 Patches BASIC V to understand 6809 assembly code RISC OS
GNU utils icon GNU utils A quick port of a few GNU utilities (sed,awk,grep) RISC OS