What is it

What is it

ZIDEFS is a replacement filing system for the ICS IDE interface.

Features :

Note that ZIDEFS must be 'blown' into an EPROM, which replaces the existing EPROM on the IDE card.

ZIDEFS is Freeware.

A few alternative builds of the ROM are available below. They support other IDE interfaces or filing system identities. Interface numbers 0, 3 and 4 are ICS, Ian Stocks 8-bit and Castle A30x0 respectively. Filing system name/number/SWI base choices are IDEFS/49/0x41FC0, SIDEFS/155/0x59C80 and ZIDEFS/170/0x557C0.


Download version 1.10 (3 September 2006), PackDir archive

Alternative download

Download version 1.10 (for interface 0), Zip archive
Download version 1.10 (for interface 3), Zip archive
Download version 1.10 (for interface 4), Zip archive

Status Freeware
OS compatibility RISC OS 3.1 and later
Hardware restrictions Requires 'old' ICS 16-bit IDE interface
Processor compatibility ARM 2 and later (26-bit modes only)