What is it
Useful things

Additional applications

- VFMagnify is a 'magnifier' type application for Radeon based ViewFinders. Download version 0.60 here.

The file you downloaded is a PackDir archive. Unpack this with a recent version of !SparkFS, !SparkPlug, or !PackDir.

ViewFinder and Zap

Zap is a popular text editor for RISC OS. Thanks to collaboration between Zap maintainer Darren Salt and Windfall Engineering, Zap can make use of a hardware accelerated string drawing routine that vastly speeds up bitmap font drawing (if you use outline fonts, you won't notice any difference).

How to combine all the downloadables from the Zap website can be a complicated matter, since there are, well, many. Hopefully someday they'll make things easier, but right now you'll have to make do with a number of beta and 'test' releases of various parts of Zap.

Go here for details about how to harness Zap's support for ViewFinder.

ViewFinder and ArtWorks

ArtWorks is a popular vector graphics editor for RISC OS. There are several incompatibilities between ViewFinder and ArtWorks. Thanks to Martin Würthner several of these problems were fixed by patching ArtWorks.

Martin Würthner's original announcement can be read here.

For details and patches, go here.

ViewFinder, Acorn UniBoot 0.67 and RISC OS 3.70

Acorn UniBoot 0.67 is a 'universal' boot sequence for Risc PCs running RISC OS 3.x. It is available here. There is a problem running UniBoot 0.67 under RISC OS 3.70. Due to the way UniBoot patches the RISC OS 3.70 ROM, ViewFinder will malfunction. A fix is available.

Download the patch here.

The file you downloaded is a Spark archive. Use !SparkFS or !SparkPlug to unpack the BASIC program 'VfUnib370' inside the archive. Then proceed as follows :

- Ensure that you are running ViewFinder software 1.37 or higher
- Rename !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk.ROMPatch.!RunImage to !RunImage0
- Copy 'VfUnib370' to !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk.ROMPatch.!RunImage
- Reboot your machine

Low level programming

ViewFinder can be programmed at a low level, using SWIs, although doing so is not necessary or recommended for normal users. The information is provided here 'as is'. Do not ask questions about it unless you really really need to. The information can be downloaded here.

The file you downloaded is a Spark archive. Use !SparkFS or !SparkPlug to unpack the files inside the archive.