What is it

ViewFinder is the ultimate video upgrade for the Acorn Risc PC, exploiting the power of mainstream AGP video cards. Larger screenmodes and more performance result in a more comfortable and smoother desktop experience than ever before.

ViewFinder is an expansion card, and simply plugs into a free 'podule' slot in the Risc PC. All existing screen modes are supported automatically, new ones can be created quickly and easily.

By exploiting hardware acceleration, ViewFinder speeds up many drawing operations, among which the most important ones used on the desktop, such as rectangle copy (for moving windows around) and rectangle fill (for drawing window and menu backgrounds). By a huge factor (see below). Your desktop background will be drawn at a similarly improved speed, thanks to ViewFinder's sprite cache. Your windows will pop up in a flash, and literally zip along the screen when moved around. Regardless of the resolution or colour depth of the screen mode.

Plain Risc PC With ViewFinder Factor
Rectangle copy 11 MB/sec 612 MB/sec 55 x
Rectangle fill 17 MB/sec 1.2 GB/sec 70 x


ViewFinder is compatible with all Risc PCs running RISC OS 3.7 or higher, including the latest versions of Select and Adjust.

More details

For more information, refer to the ViewFinder documentation, which you can read online or download.

Your own ViewFinder

ViewFinder is no longer available.