What is it

What is it

ReTuLa is a remake of the Acorn Tube ULA. The original is mainly (if not exclusively) used in almost all 'second processors' for the Acorn BBC.

ReTuLa is plug-in compatible with the original Tube ULA. It can simply be used instead of the original Tube ULA, or to replace a defective one.


ReTuLa is compatible with :

Acorn 6502 Second Processor Yes
Acorn Z80 Second Processor Yes
Acorn 32016 Second Processor Yes
Acorn ARM Evaluation System ?
ReCo6502 Yes
Acorn 65C102 Coprocessor Yes
Acorn 80186 Coprocessor No

ReTuLa differs from the original Acorn Tube ULA in a few minor ways :

More details

For more information, refer to the ReTuLa documentation, which you can read online or download.

Your own ReTuLa

ReTuLa is no longer available.