What is it

What is it

ReCo6502 is a full featured remake of the Acorn 6502 Second Processor for the Acorn BBC. In addition to offering backwards compatibility, it has the ability to run a modern (WDC manufactured) 65C02 or 65C816 at 14 MHz, and offers 512 KB of memory.

ReCo6502 requires an existing Acorn 6502 Second Processor. It simply replaces the original PCB. In addition, the Tube ULA of the original second processor needs to be moved to ReCo6502 (or, alternatively, you can use ReTuLa instead).


ReCo6502 is compatible with all Acorn 'cheese wedge' a.k.a. 'external' 6502 Second Processors.

More details

For more information, refer to the ReCo6502 documentation, which you can read online or download.

Your own ReCo6502

ReCo6502 is no longer available.