I have written a number of articles, including some that were published in magazines A & B Computing (1980s) and Elektor Electronics (1990s).

A & B Computing

Old English Font small icon Old English Font A utility for printing text in an Old English font
Life small icon Life An implementation of Conway's 'Game Of Life'
Brainteaser small icon Brainteaser An implementation of the game 'Mastermind'
Android small icon Android Defend yourself against waves of descending aliens
Easyword small icon Easyword A full featured word processor
Advanced Buffer small icon Advanced Buffer Enlarge your printer, sound or RS423 buffer
Beginners' ROM small icon Beginners' ROM A framework for building sideways ROMs
Procyon small icon Procyon A sideways ROM containing various useful utilities
Elite Fleet small icon Elite Fleet Browse through all the ships available in Elite
Master Keys small icon Master Keys Master style startup options for earlier machines

Elektor Electronics

Black-and-white video digitizer small icon Black-and-white video digitizer A video digitiser for the Acorn Archimedes (black and white)
24-bit full colour video digitizer small icon 24-bit full colour video digitizer A video digitiser for the Acorn Archimedes (colour extension)
Video digitizer for PCs small icon Video digitizer for PCs A video digitiser for PCs (black and white / colour)


SN76489 sound chip details small icon SN76489 sound chip details I delved deep into this sound chip (used in the Acorn BBC) to improve some sound emulation code. Some might benefit from my 'research'.
CMOS RAM for the Acorn Atom small icon CMOS RAM for the Acorn Atom Surprisingly, the 2114 RAM chips used in the Acorn Atom do not only come in the regular and 'L' (low power) flavours, but CMOS as well.
RISC OS graphics benchmarked small icon RISC OS graphics benchmarked A comparison of graphics benchmarks performed under RISC OS 4.39 and 6.20, using the native video system, ViewFinder, and VPod.
Various sources small icon Various sources A gathering of sources that may be of use to someone, somewhere, sometime, in some way. Or perhaps not at all ...