Welcome to my personal website on the World Wide Web !

I created it circa 1996, to provide the interested with a way to download my software for Acorn computers running RISC OS. In later years, it has been gradually extended with information about my hardware projects, articles I wrote, and, most recently, a section with downloadable documentation.

Every piece of HTML here is hand-crafted, although the repetitive bits are generated. All pages were greenlighted as being 'HTML 4.01 Strict' compatible (except for small imported bits on the 'buy' pages).

As of November 2021, the website also runs on self-made HTTP server software. How's that for self-sufficient ...

If you have a query, contact me.


The occasional tweet (as in Twitter ) can be found here.



20th of April 1966 was the day I was put amongst all the other homo sapiens on this planet (I probably protested quite a bit, but who listens to kids ...).

Trying to find out how stuff works, as men like to do, I managed to break quite a bit of equipment in my teens and twenties. Okay, and thirties. In fact, it's an ongoing project. Witnessed the home computer boom in the early eighties, did a lot of programming on them. By the early nineties, I managed to obtain a university degree in Computer Science. Hobby becomes profession and all that. Hardware became more than a hobby as well, gradually.

At the end of 1999, I started my own company called Windfall Engineering, to develop and sell ViewFinder, a graphics card for the Acorn Risc PC. Nowadays, I work as a freelance software engineer.

I'm convinced that source code (in C++ preferably ...) can and should be a work of art. I like to 'craft' it, to become efficient, elegant, accessible, bug free and easy to update. And love to see those qualities in other people's source code. Over the years, I did learn not to go overboard to gain that last half percent, but occasionally I still have to keep myself from reviving and redoing an old piece of code that I know could be so much better.

What else to tell ? Well, for relaxation, I like to cycle, listen to music, read books (mostly SF of course, who am I to break a fine nerd tradition), watch movies and (oftentimes old) TV series, and play adventure and action games (including the occasional '80s BBC game). Oh yes, and I recommend the Playstation 4 ('Thanks mr. Sony, yes, that is the correct bank account ...').