What is it

GoMMC allows you to store all your software on a single MMC (MultiMedia Card). Move all your floppies, harddiscs and tapes to the MMC, give them names, and use them just like before (via the same filing systems).

GoMMC simply plugs into a free ROM socket in the machine.

GoMMC is succeeded by GoSDC. Read about the most important differences between them here.


GoMMC is compatible with

Other machines, and machines with other expansions, may or may not be compatible (ask me for advice).

Note that running GoMMC on an Electron requires a special 'GoMMC to Electron' interface, available at extra cost.

GoMMC is 'portable' between BBC model B, BBC Master and Electron, should you have more than one of them.

More details

For more information, refer to the GoMMC documentation, which you can read online or download.

Your own GoMMC

GoMMC has been succeeded by GoSDC.