All monochrome pages were scanned at 300 dpi greyscale, and post-processed in several ways to enhance their quality, including rotation and pan to align the contents of the pages. Front/back flaps were scanned in colour, and cleaned up (400 dpi pre-edit scaled down to 200 dpi for manuals, 300 dpi for booklets).

The BBC model B schematic included in 'The Advanced User Guide' (appendix K) was scanned at 300 dpi greyscale and extensively hand-edited to remove all traces of the folds in the paper. Similarly, the schematic included in 'Acorn Cambridge 32016 Co-Processor Technical Description and Service Manual' (appendix A) was scanned at 600 dpi greyscale, extensively hand-edited to remove a vast amount of flaws, and then scaled down to 300 dpi.